Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Glencadam 21 year old

Advent Calendar day 4/24.  My first Glencadam was 2 nights ago at TWE people’s vote where I was largely unimpressed but liked the nose.  So I opened up today’s door on the adcal, and thought – 21 is impressive but Glencadam isn’t.  Wrong.

Glencadam 21 year old, 46% A


Nose – Fresh, sweet, floral.  A malted, meaty backnote.  A little powdery love-hearts flutter, some apple and glacé cherry.  Wonderfully sweet, moreish nose.

Body – Ripe, malted candied body with good balance and structure.  Some waxy fruit and then…

Finish – Very long, sweet finish.  Well structured with breathes of malted chocolate.  Right at the end, lingering sechuan peppercorns and citrus.  Quite the belter.

What's not good about it: Not much.  Perhaps the balance could have been a shade sweeter?

What’s good about it:  Deep, floral, expensive nose.  Ripe, smooth, fruity body.  Long, balanced finish.  Very lovely.

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