Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Dalmore 18 year old

Advent Calendar 15/24.  I’ve never had a Dalmore before, despite viewing many sweating bottles that cost multiple thousands of pounds under hot LED lamps in the Whisky Shop.  I have to say, on that basis alone I’m more of a Whisky Broker than a Dalmore man.

Dalmore 18 year old, 43% C


Nose – Sour sherry, sweet malt, wet leather, old raisins.  A damp, wooden nose with a clumsy sherry belt.  There is richness and depth but without balance.  This damp taint doesn’t count for much.

Body – Sweet, the sweet malt, a bright, sour note.  Some chilli spice with wood.  Initially pleasant but then it unravels. 

Finish – Lingering sweetness and quite a lot of depth, then a faint, but sudden sulphurous taint which goes quickly but the reappears, further muted, later.

What's not good about it: One-dimensional, unbalanced, sour nose and that sulphurous taint.

What’s good about it:  Good palate, malty richness.

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