Sunday, 8 December 2013

Blue Hanger, 9th Release, Berry Bros & Rudd

Advent Calendar 8/24.  This is a blend I’ve not had before – previous batches sound a bit better to me, you can do a lot better for £70+.  Definitely track 4 on the advent calendar.

Blue Hanger, 9th Release, Berry Bros & Rudd, 45.6% B+


Nose – polite, slightly sour nose with overripe pear, some candle wax and a little dry earth. 

Body – Sharp, structured body with a quick backslap of smoked malt.  Quite austere and a little punishing.

Finish – Medium, sharp, very drying.  Not really unbalanced, just not much fun.

What's not good about it:  Sharp cider edge, just too dry.

What’s good about it: Yet its balanced. 

Not badly made.  Just not, you know, very good drinking.

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