Sunday, 1 December 2013

Balvenie Doublewood 17yo

This is the first sample in my Master of Malt [non-premium] advent calendar.  I’m hoping for an education in the run up to christmas!  This should have been a good opener but I’m not a fan of Balvenie – doesn’t matter how hard I try it doesn’t do it for me (I did a blind tasting I haven’t blogged a while back which included this – haven’t blogged it because the results were so dismal).  I loved it 10 years ago (had a bottle of Doublewood 12 at one point and a couple of others) but I was drinking whisky with ice back then and I’ve changed!  Looking at twitter everyone’s into it – I dunno, maybe I’m weird.

Balvenie Doublewood 17 year od, 43% B


Nose – Sweet, honeyed mango and vanilla.  Sort of herby (cut flower stalks?) bitterness next, with notes of cut grass.  This astringency knocks the balance of the nose, which promised to be quite lovely.

Body – Good malt, fine balance of wood and malt sweetness.  But lacks any mid-range whatsoever. 

Finish – Weak, short to medium finish.  Watery, like it was never there…(£73!)

What's not good about it: Unbalanced, no mid-range, not pleasant overall, no finish.

What’s good about it: Decent structure, liked the malt.

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