Thursday, 12 December 2013

Adnams Whisky

Adnams brewery are a well awarded spirits distiller as well as beer creators and architect of many of my most hopped hangovers.  Three years ago they started distilling whisky proper, and now the results are just old enough to be called whisky.  The first ever batch from this distillery been released as a limited edition.

Adnams Single Malt #1, 43% C+


Nose – Raw, toasted barley.  A little butane.  A powdery deodorant edge.  Grain, toast, granite.  Functional.

Body – Raw barley comes through again but with lush malt  honey in the wings.  Some plastic cement. Cough medicine.

Finish – Smooth, creamy finish.  Surprisingly long, good wood backing.  Promising.

What's not good about it: Painfully young.  Poor nose.  Raw cereal.

What’s good about it: Promising sweetness, good finish. 

Adnams Triple Grain #2, 43%, B⊖


Made with malted barley, oats and wheat.

Nose – Austere, light but lurking fruit.   A floral edge, almost soapy.  Go digging and there’s a background of tropical fruit and wallpaper paste.  Subtle but curiously pleasant.

Body – Raw cereal again, but suddenly smooth (wheat influence, apparently).  There’s a red fruit dimension and a little chocolate and a little swimming pool, but not in a very good way.

Finish – Again, quite long, this time quite balanced with an undercurrant of tropical fruit.  The constant raw, young cereal is a bit of a cross to bear though.  Taste like distilled, unhopped beer!

What's not good about it: Clumsy and unbalanced.  Raw.

What’s good about it: Great finish given its sins, like the lurking sweetness.  Very interesting.

Adnams Spirit of Broadside, 43% A


Finally, I couldn’t resist a drop of this anomaly.  This isn’t whisky, its distilled broadside beer including hops.  I believe hops are used post distillation too as the heat of the still drives off the citrus flavour of the hops.  Whatever the method, this captures the spirit of the ale very nicely – without toasted or burnt notes from the distillation and is like drinking a fresh pint of broadside.  Very nice.

Nose – Really beery!  Sweet, malty, hoppy – smells fizzy although presumably that’s by association with the hops.  Really great hops; dry, sweet, lovely structure and the hoppiness is balanced to the sweetness perfectly.  Underneath that, a sweet, sherried edge.

Body – Sweet, a bit meaty, drying hoppy mid-range, sweet again then…

Finish – Medium, spicy wood takes over, well balanced.  Very good!

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  1. Now that Broadside is one I'm definitely interested in trying...