Friday, 15 November 2013


I’ve been waiting eagerly for this to find its way to me.  I’m a huge fan of Big Peat (Douglas Laing’s other vatted malt), and a huge fan of sherried Speyside malts which bodes well for this.  Thanks to Scott Munro (aka @KiltedMoose), expert drammer and games journalist for the sample.

Scallywag, 46%, A


Nose – Sweet sherry and waxed pears.  Structured, fresh orchard fruit – quite floral.  Some wood, a bit one dimensional but very pleasant given the cost. 

Body – Stickily sweet, PVA glue.  Good, rich malt comes to the rescue.  Structured, a little uncomplicated, but a lovely drop.  Very moreish.

Finish – Surprisingly long, good wood.  Balanced finish.

Whats not good about it: Lack of complexity.

What’s good about it: Scratches the sherry itch with style, great value

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