Saturday, 2 November 2013

Milroy’s of Soho–Tweet Tasting 2

Another well executed TT courtesy of Whisky Wire.  All the whiskies are exclusive Milroy’s bottlings (and only the first has added colour or chill filtering).  Here’s the line-up (my notes and ratings are as tasted blind)

  1. Milroy’s Finest Blended Scotch Malt
  2. Glen Elgin 17 yo 1995, 348 bottles
  3. Zuidam Dutch Rye Single Cask
  4. Milstone 14 yo
  5. Milroy’s Single Cask Peated Malt
  6. Milroy’s Exclusive Glen Garioch 1978 Single Cask



Milroy’s Finest Blended Scotch Malt, 40% B+

89413NV11Nose – Restrained, light, some apple and malt, red fruit in the background.  Quite winey, toasty, green grapes.

Body – Very creamy, smooth with a spicy kick to it.  Real grain backing, good spice.

Finish – Short, clean, uneventful.



Milroy’s Single Cask Glen Elgin 17 yo 1995, 348 bottles, 46% A-


Nose – Oranges, orange liqueur, honey, tangerines, a little banana.  Orange squash? Blackberry and fennel, a little malt.

Body – Firm, malty, rich, spicy and quite well balanced at first with the sherry notes, but then lands a bit awkwardly with some bitterness.

Finish – Short, with a belt of red fruits.

Zuidam Dutch Rye 2007 Single Cask 46%, A-

ZuidamNose – Coconut, mango, banana, fresh cut pine shelving, bounty bar, Malibu. 

Body – Rich, elegant coconut, deep tropical fruit, mango and banana.  Some wheat/rye notes here, there is structure in amongst the sugar too.

Finish – Really sweet finish, like Malibu.  Deep, rich coconut, but quite short.

Millstone 1999 14 years old, 46%, A+

MilstoneNose – Rich, dark, sweet, sugar cane, Demerara sugar, back note of rum.  Initially thought PX sherry, then Oloroso or Madeira finish?  Some leather.

Body – Rich Madeira, savoury and stickily sweet, chewy, some more leather.  Massive sherry belt, but very nicely delivered.  Chocolate orange.

Finish – Long, sweet, balanced.  Fizzing wood at the end.

Milroy’s Single Cask Peated Malt, 40% B⊕


Nose – Fresh peat.  A savoury edge to it, a bit meaty, some hot solder/burning flux.  Backnote of jasmine.

Body – Sweet, clear, refreshing.  Nicely phenolic, delicious.

Finish – Very clean, elegant finish, very refreshing.  Bitter back note develops and makes way for wood, then toasted malt.  Very pleasant but a bit polite.

Milroy’s Exclusive Glen Garioch 1978 Single Cask, 58.8% A⊕


Nose – Intense tropical fruit, pineapple, pineapple upside down cake, pineapple cubes, bit of hospital floor cleaner (with wax).  Old wood backing – structured and balanced.  Dark and waxy.

Body – Dark, wooded spice.  Big hit of toasted malt, more honeyed tropical fruit.  Great structure.

Finish – long, dark, spicy, loads of fruit.  Fizzing round the tongue, lingering impression of candied pineapple.  Deeply pleasant.


Another great session with some likeminded tasters and some very interesting whisky – thanks to all the tasters, and thanks to WhiskyWire and Milroys!

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