Tuesday, 19 November 2013

English Whisky Company Chapter 7, Rum Cask

I missed out on the English Whisky Company at the Whisky Show due to extreme excitement and my inability to pass by other stands without embarking on a full vertical.  In other words I didn’t get round to them (and they were pretty busy).  So when bottle swapping with Steve Prentice (of Somerset Whisky Blog) I jumped at the chance of a drop of his bottle of Chapter 7.  

This whisky is a small batch release, released every year and sells out immediately at the distillery.  My immediate thoughts were to investigate and secure a vertical tasting.

2010 – From the picture I think Master of Malt have it here, £75

2011 – Welly have it, here, £62

2012 – Can’t find it

2013 – Welly have it, here, £42

In between 2011 and 2013 the bottle shifts to the “standard” cream label and bottle shape, rather than the whisky decanter seen from 2011 back.  Its the same stuff though – the same expression.  I’ll get a bottle of the 2013 on my next order from Green Welly and report back.

English Whisky Company Chapter 7, Rum Cask, 46% A⊕


Nose – Fresh rum and raisin, wax, pear and furniture polish.  Really delightful, elegant, floral nose.  Edge of blue cheese and a recently cleaned community hall.  Clean, elegant, floral and very good.

Body – Massive belt of green apple, sharp and oddly citrus wooded.  Not refreshing, but very herbal, very structured and elegant.

Finish – Sweet note comes through, then fizzing bitterness but never unbalanced.  Quite a feat of near misses that adds up to a beautiful, remarkable whisky.

What’s not good about it: Challenging (makes it hard to wholeheartedly recommend this to people), a bit odd (not always what you fancy)

What’s good about it: Remarkable, fresh, loads of structure, rich, complicated, balanced, never falters, changes constantly, grows and grows on you. 

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