Thursday, 31 October 2013

WhiskyBroker Bruichladdich 9 year old

Bourbon Barrel 638.  273 bottles.  Grows on you.

I was pointed at WhiskyBroker by Tom of Tom’s Whisky Reviews, who told me that my much loved Tomatin Burns Malt from Whisky Barrel started life as a Whisky Broker bottling.  Thought I’d give a couple of bottles a whirl to see what they’re like.


WhiskyBroker Bruichladdich 9 year old, 50% – A

Nose – Faint, some fruit, a savoury edge (I initially feel its burnt onions but later this wears off).  A bit polite but hints at tropical fruit. Faint wax and a little mango, and some drying peat.

Body – Refreshing, fruity, lovely mouth feel.  Very pleasant, actually quite delicious, but a little polite.  Some fresh apple and a peat backing.

Finish – Surprisingly long, never unbalanced.

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