Friday, 25 October 2013

That Boutique-y Whisky Company–Inchmurrin Batch 1

Part of a recent batch of new releases from TBWC, the praise was too glowing from the creators for me to ignore.  Last time I got such a recommendation it seriously paid off.

Inchmurrin is the name given to a style of whisky made by Loch Lomond distillery.  I’m tempted by the single cask grain in the same batch now.

TBWC Inchmurrin Batch 1 54.7%, A⊕

Inchmurrin Batch 1

Colour – burnt orange.

Nose – Deep honey, orange and beeswax, and a touch of furniture polish and turmeric.  Roast sesame seed and sunflower seed dipped in honey.  Beautiful sherry.

Body – Spicy, explosive, honeyed fruit.  Very oily – dark orange oil.

Finish – Long, oily finish.  Deep orange oil and orange peel.  Finally, custard creams.

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