Thursday, 31 October 2013

That Boutique-y Whisky Company–Loch Lomond Batch 1

This is the other half of this review.  The Inchmurrin single malt was glorious, lets see about the Loch Lomond single grain. 

TBWC Loch Lomond Batch 1 52.4%, A⊖

Loch Lomond Batch 1

Nose – Floor polish, orange peel, pine and a freshly opened box of dates.  Musky.  Spiced but unbalanced.  Got a real Campari thing going on.

Body – Rich, medicinal, warming spices and cloves.  Sharp wood edge.

Finish – Not as luxurious on the finish as expected.  Very long finish with a bitter edge.

This is remarkable but unhinged.

WhiskyBroker Bruichladdich 9 year old

Bourbon Barrel 638.  273 bottles.  Grows on you.

I was pointed at WhiskyBroker by Tom of Tom’s Whisky Reviews, who told me that my much loved Tomatin Burns Malt from Whisky Barrel started life as a Whisky Broker bottling.  Thought I’d give a couple of bottles a whirl to see what they’re like.


WhiskyBroker Bruichladdich 9 year old, 50% – A

Nose – Faint, some fruit, a savoury edge (I initially feel its burnt onions but later this wears off).  A bit polite but hints at tropical fruit. Faint wax and a little mango, and some drying peat.

Body – Refreshing, fruity, lovely mouth feel.  Very pleasant, actually quite delicious, but a little polite.  Some fresh apple and a peat backing.

Finish – Surprisingly long, never unbalanced.

Friday, 25 October 2013

That Boutique-y Whisky Company–Inchmurrin Batch 1

Part of a recent batch of new releases from TBWC, the praise was too glowing from the creators for me to ignore.  Last time I got such a recommendation it seriously paid off.

Inchmurrin is the name given to a style of whisky made by Loch Lomond distillery.  I’m tempted by the single cask grain in the same batch now.

TBWC Inchmurrin Batch 1 54.7%, A⊕

Inchmurrin Batch 1

Colour – burnt orange.

Nose – Deep honey, orange and beeswax, and a touch of furniture polish and turmeric.  Roast sesame seed and sunflower seed dipped in honey.  Beautiful sherry.

Body – Spicy, explosive, honeyed fruit.  Very oily – dark orange oil.

Finish – Long, oily finish.  Deep orange oil and orange peel.  Finally, custard creams.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Tweeddale Blend–Batch Vertical

This vertical was arranged by the Whisky Wire and I was really excited to be part of it, particularly as I discovered at their stand at the whisky show that we were to try all four batches of the Tweeddale blend, the first of which is now unavailable.  The blend comes from Alasdair Day’s great grandfather where it had been commercially sold as the Tweeddale blend since 1899, production stopping and all casks sold off after 1940 due to WW2.  The original recipe was noted in Richard Day’s cellar book from this time, and resurrected by Alasdair in 2010 as the Tweeddale blend batch 1.  Since then three more batches have been produced, with the recipe being altered slightly each time to include a different grain and to swap out one of the malts (the remaining malts are tapped from the same casks for each batch and are simply getting older each year).

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

BenRiach Deep Dive

BenRiach is a fiercely independent Speyside distillery producing some very interesting whiskies and many specialised or experimental finishes and bottlings.  In fact the range is a bit much to get your head round at first.  There are a number of unpeated and peated whiskies in the core range, a regular cadence of single cask bottlings and some very old, well respected and very expensive bottlings I probably will never get to try, let alone get my head around.  Whatever you think of the whisky, and some of these are very, very good, you’d have to admit it must be pretty great working at BenRiach.


Friday, 11 October 2013

Laphroaig 1998–TWE hand picked single cask

This little number was recommended to me by Billy of TWE during an email exchange about me looking for that the Edradour Sauternes I tried at the Whisky Show.  Its beautiful, really lovely, but just too expensive. Maybe one day.  Anyway, we got onto talking about Laphroaig and it turns out he helped choose the single cask (refill sherry butt 700393) that turned into 551 bottles of this.  He called it big peat and big sherry and hence his perfect whisky and I can see why, its stunning.


Laphroaig 1998–TWE hand picked single cask A⊕+

Nose – Deep, deep dark fruit.  Marker pens and sauna.  Prunes soaked in rum with mascarpone eaten next to a bonfire. Very sexy sherry, well integrated with smoke.  Beautiful and very rich, OMG.

Body – Deep, perfect peat.  Rich tropical fruit tries and briefly manages to appear before being swept away by a wave of classic and intense Laphroaig peat.  Toe curlingly intense.

Finish – Medium.  Rich, peppery tannins and massive peat and oak integration. 

Stunning.  Better buy a couple more… thanks Billy!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

TWE Whisky Show 2013

The Whisky Exchange’s Whisky Show is a massive, annual whisky tasting.  Saturday, Sunday with a trade show on Monday, each day is 6 hours of unlimited tasting of (this year) over 500 whiskies.  There was whisky from Scotland, Japan, New Zealand, England, Wales, America and India.  There were cocktails, whisky and food pairings, whisky and jazz pairings, and a man bothering a barrel with a hammer.