Thursday, 29 August 2013

Glen Garioch – Virgin Oak

This is a limited release that I bought on the strength of another virgin oak cask whisky that needs a bit of time for me to process and get my head around – however I enjoyed the (very expensive) other whisky so much I went for this untasted. 

All in all I think a bit of a subtle number for my tastes, but wears its heart on its sleeve.

Notes on the bottle are as follows:

Made from the inner heartwood of 100 year old oak trees, grown in the North American mountains, each barrel has been heavily charred inside to activate the wood’s vanilla and oak spices in readiness for the maturing spirit. 

Glen Garioch Virgin Oak – 48% - A


Nose – Savoury pastry with buttered malt.  Bit of an odd, rotten edge with a cherry background and some spicy mixed fruit.  There’s something a bit musky here which is a bit sexy and a bit off putting.  Interesting and weird, like truffles on pasta, I like it.

Body – Toasted malt and bread, very hot.  Some water opens up a more delicately fruity body which is quite elegantly savoury.

Finish – Medium with the same funk from the nose.  A little too short to be truly interesting.

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